The Academy

Andrea Benelli, George Achilleos, and Vincent Hancock have combined their knowledge in an effort to bridge the gap between avid shooters and elite athletes. The experience which this group brings is above anyone in the entire world when it comes to the discipline of Olympic Skeet. This is the "one-stop shop" for anyone dreaming to become the next Olympic Champion.


This team has earned too many awards to list them all. From National Championships and World Records, to World Championships and Olympic Medals these are the best Olympic Skeet athletes the world has ever seen.


We are a clinic based training academy with the purpose of being able to share our knowledge, expertise, and philosophies with as many athletes as possible. To afford athletes the best opportunity to experience this, we travel around the world teaching clinics to groups of athletes looking to better themselves. As Andrea is from Italy, George is from Cyprus, and Vincent is from the United States, we will be hosting clinics in these countries primarily, but with the ability to branch out and go anywhere we are needed.


GPK Sports Management (George Achilleos and ISA)

Fire It Up PR (Vincent Hancock)